14th International Furniture Fair Chengdu Opens

international furniture fair Chengdu

The 14th International Furniture Fair Chengdu opened at Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition & Convention Center on July 3 (End date is July 6). Most of Sichuan Province (Chengdu City is the provincial capital of Sichuan) local famous furniture brand companies, such as Qaunyou,  Langdu, Nanfang, Dibiao, Haofengjing, Xianqu, Xiyangyang, are all taking part in this fair. There are also other famous domestic brand China furniture manufacturers here, mainly coming from Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang Province. International Furniture Fair Chengdu are well known by many China domestic furniture wholesalers and retailers after 14 years development, it is a really great platform to increase furniture business in China, so you can find more and more international furniture companies in Chengdu Furniture Fair now. Homag from Germany, some wood suppliers from North America and French are showing their booth in Chengdu this days.

Furniture industrial has developed very fast in this years, Mu Tao, the president of China council for the promotion of international trade Chengdu council, and chief of Chengdu bureau of exposition, pointed out that, there are more than 5,000 furniture manufacturers in Chengdu with more than $10 billion annual output value, nearly 0.6 million employees.  Mr. Mu thinks that Chengdu Furniture Fair has played an important role in the development of Chengdu furniture industrial, now it has been one of the TOP 3 China furniture (Another two is Guangzhou Furniture Fair and Shanghai Furniture Fair) shows after 13 years development, the best domestic furniture marketing platform in China, it brings Chengdu furniture to all the other states in China and all over the world.

According to the sponsor of 14th International Furniture Fair Chengdu, Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, the exhibition area is more than 120,000 square meters, nearly 900 furniture companies are showing in this fair, there are 9 indoor exhibition halls in New International Exhibition & Convention Center, but the space is still not enough, so the sponsor set 4 outdoor exhibition areas to meet demand.

July 3 and 4 will be the Professional Audience Day, only professional buyers with certificate can enter the exhibition hall; This fair will be opened to public in July 5 and 6, anyone who are interested in furniture can enter it free, and most of the furniture exhibitors will show their special offer with incredible discount, much cheaper than the price in traditional furniture stores. Many furniture companies try their best to attract more traffic to their booths in this fair, beauties, hot performance, gifts is common, some even has their team with brand on the hands go around in the exhibition hall! Unlike Guangdong and Shanghai Furniture Fair, there are many famous China super stars in Chengdu Furniture Fair every year, guess who present in this show? Zhang Guoli, Fan Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Li Jiaxin, Shi Xiaolong, Zhu Dan are all on behalf of some famous furniture brand here.

Another bright spot is “Green” and “Original Design”. Quanyou furniture make a totally green booth in No.7 exhibition hall, they use real grass, and there are lots of green plant around their booth, Quanyou do not sell their furniture products this time, just to pass the furniture idea of “Green, Enviromental, Low-carbon”.  More and more Sichuan furniture manufacturers attach importance to “Original Design Furniture” in 14th International Furniture Fair Chengdu, There is a big slogan in the booth of Haobang Sofa, says that “100% original design, welcome photograph”.

The Chengdu Furniture Fair is mainly set up for China mainland furniture market, aiming at home furnitre, so the number of foreign visitors is much smaller than furniture fairs in Guangzhou  and Shanghai(also it is increasing), and most hotel furniture suppliers usually do not take part in this fair.

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