About furniture samples from furniture factories in China

Furniture samples play an important role in furniture import & export business.We have customers all over the world, some of them are close to China, such as Japanese, Indian,Hongkong,but some customers are far away from China, they may come from USA, Brazil, Negria,Norway,New Zealand etc, it is not easy for this furniture importers to fly to China and then go back, they have to pay the ticket and spend several days on it, also time difference problem. But placing massive order to a China furniture suppliers directly would take a lot risks, especially when this furniture factory is a new supplier, how to solve this problem? Well, furniture samples is not a bad option.

Furniture samples do not cost too much due to small quantity, and the buyers can check if the furniture manufacturers are suitable to their orders. Most of our customers do not go to China when placing furniture sample orders, we start samples production when the payment is done,it usually cost about 15 – 30 days to complete this samples (depends on the quantity and production procedure). We will take pictures when this samples are finished, then send this furniture pictures showing all details to customers, some furniture samples can be judged by pictures, others need to be check by the furniture buyers themselves ,customers can fly to China  and then check this samples one by one in furniture factories,this is the best way to confirm every detail of furniture orders for both furniture buyers and suppliers,because they can communicate face to face, all problems would be solved efficiently to make sure that everything goes well during massive orders production. This is the best way to check furniture samples and process massive orders, we highly recommend it to all customers.

But some customers may do not have time or energy to go to China, or the local buyers want to check the sample together too, so the customers need to ship this samples to their countries, what’s should we do? You may say “DHL” or “UPS”…No, most furniture samples are heavy and in big volume, the cost of express would be terrible, maybe much more expensive than what you pay for this furniture samples! Here is Plan B: we usually suggest that the samples can be put into customers’ other containers in China, for example, if you buy 20 sets leather sofa in a China sofa manufacturer, also order some chair samples in our company, we can send this chairs to the sofa factory if there is some space left in this 40HQ sofa container, what you can do next is just waiting for the sofa container. If you do not have other containers in China when the furniture sample is done, you can choose LCL shiping, but it is troublesome and more expensive, the sample may be damaged because you do not know what else in the LCL containers.So, do not use Plan B until you have no options.

There are always new customers who ask for free furniture samples every month, here we emphasize our sample rule again: We charge 200% for samples, the extra would be refunded to customers in massive orders. What does this rule mean? We make an example to explain it clearly: customer A send a leather sofa inquiry, we quote with FOB Shenzhen price $780, customer A is satisfied with this price and want to order one sample, he should pay $780*2=$1,560 for this leather sofa sample, customer A confirm that every thing is OK when he get the sample, then he order 100 pcs this sofa, total amount should be $780*100=$78,000, and we refund extra sample charge $780, so customer A actually pay $78,000-$780=$77,220 for this 100 pcs order (absolutely the 1pc sample also belongs to customer A).

We do not provide free sample to new customers because furniture products are usually expensive items, not a USB cable or lighter,we can not afford it if all customers ask for free samples. We charge 200% for samples because the cost of sample is much higher than what it be in massive order, buying raw material for 1pc bed cost the same time and labor as 100 pc bed, but you can not average it to 100 pcs because it is only 1 pc, hope you can understand. Actually the customers have nothing lose if he can finally make a massive order, this is win-win for both buyers and suppliers.And, for some customers who have cooperated with us several times, we would provide free sample, because we trust this customers.

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