Mingjia Furniture Co.,Ltd was founded in 2012 (China mainland) .Our furniture factory  specializes in the designing, manufacturing and engineering of hotel furniture,home furniture,office furniture and all kinds of solid wood furniture,integrating with other related industries in the market of China and all over the world.Now we have two branch furniture factories, three subsidiary companies and six offices, covering an  area of 50,000 square meters with about 100 employees, we have already became one of famous China furniture manufacturers with large scale and great ability in production in the field of wood furniture.
China hotel furniture is still popular with hotel project purchaser in many countries because of the best quality and price.Continuously we make adaptation to the wood furniture market’s constant development to reflect through our detailed furniture product designs, using only the best raw materials, skilled production and functionality, in addition to offering very competitive prices.
The principle of taking an individual approach to serving each customer allows us to locate the very best solutions for our customers. Accuracy, quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction are among our top goals.
All of above principles share the common concern for the protection of nature; the manufacturing processes use environmentally sound materials and closed technologies. Our goal is to provide satisfaction to all business entities, meet requirements while staying in compliance with shareholders,employees, business partners, and more. Our vision is to create a successful and well established company that will carry out top quality service.

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