Anti-Dumping Duties in USA (Wooden bedroom furniture)

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Wooden bedroom furniture sets are the main products of Senyi Furniture manufacturer, we sell bedroom furniture to many countries and areas, this home & hotel furniture are treated as normal goods, but it is special furniture in USA, because of the Anti-Dumping Duties for wooden bedroom furniture there. Nowadays more and more USA furniture wholesalers and retailers are trying to import furniture from China, but most of them do not know ADD (Anti-Dumping Duties) for wooden bedroom furniture,  so we will introduce it clearly in this post, and provide our solutions for the ADD problem in next post.

The US Department of Commerce started anti-dumping investigation of Made-in-China wooden bedroom furniture on Dec 17th, 2003, HS codes for relative products are 94035090.40, 94035090.80 and 70099250.00. On Nov 17th, 2004, the US Department of Commerce made a final determination that all China enterprise involved in the case had 5.07% ~ 198.08% anti-dumping rate. On March 7th, 2008, the US Department of Commerce started the 7th anti-dumping administrative review for this case, final determination came out on Aug 17th, 2009, the anti-dumping rate was confirmed in the range 29.98% ~ 216.01%. On March 8th, 2010, the International Trade Commission U.S (ITC) decided to start anti-dumping Sunset review of Made-in-China wooden bedroom furniture to make sure that it is harmless to local furniture industry if the anti-dumping was stopped, the result has not state yet so far.

One object of this kind of Anti-Dumping Duties is WOODEN BEDROOM FURNITURE, it is designed, produced and sold as a whole, all relative products such as headboard, bed frame, dress table & mirror, dress chair, wardrobe, luggage rack are in the same or similar style and material, we usually call it “bedroom set” , this set can be used in home or hotel, the main material is wooden, not only solid wood, but also plywood, MDF, fiber board or any other form of wooden material, whatever the furnish or the decoration part is (metal, marble, glass, leather etc), this set or part would be confirmed as “WOODEN BEDROOM FURNITURE”.

Anti-Dumping Duties

About 115 China furniture companies or manufacturers attended this Anti-Dumping Duties case, their main product is wooden bedroom furniture sets and their main market is North America, so they have to spend lots of money and time in this case to avoid terrible Anti-Dumping Duties, finally, this 115 companies and manufacturers gained a leverage duty 8.64%, all other China furniture factories who did not attend in this case will be charged Anti-Dumping Duties as high as 200.16%. So, things are clear now, for furniture wholesalers and buyers in USA, the custom duty would be about 8.64% if you import wooden bedroom furniture sets from the 115 China companies, or you have to pay 216.01% Anti-Dumping Duties for importing Made-in-China wooden bedroom sets from other China manufacturers.

Now you would say ”OK, I understand, just buy wooden bedroom furniture sets from the China furniture companies or manufacturers in the list, never buy them from other China factories, right?”, it seems correct, but the truth is, this 115 companies are all in large scale, some of them only accept big USA furniture wholesalers or retailers, or the price is much more than your budget because of their brand…You can not get good price and service from this companies if you are not “Ashley Furniture” or “Lazy Boy Furniture”. Actually, there are many wooden furniture manufacturers with medium or small scale in China, their quality and service are good, and the price is much more competitive, the only problem is that this furniture factories are not in the list, you want to buy wooden bedroom furniture sets from them, but you do not want to pay 216.01% Anti-Dumping Duties, is there solution for this problem? Yes, pls read our next post: Solutions for wooden bedroom furniture Anti-Dumping Duties.

Made in China, Anti-Dumping Duties

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