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10 Tips to Use Furniture Correctly and Safely

We use different kinds of furniture every day: home furniture, patio furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture etc. Using furniture doesn’t means you only have to buy this furniture and put it where the furniture designer think it should be, sometimes you have to adjust it by furniture moving, sometimes you have to do necessary furniture […]

Tips for safe hotel furniture removal (Bonus for hotel furniture liquidators)

We have posted Tips for safe furniture removal in last blogs, but all this tips are suitable for home moving only, so we decide to post this article as a bonus for hotel furniture liquidators considering that most of our visitors are making hotel furniture, commercial furniture and contract furniture business. Senyi hotel furniture manufacturer […]

Tips for safe furniture removal (Part 2 During the removal)

In previous article Tips for safe furniture removal Part 1 Before the removal, we have listed some tips when you are planning furniture removal, now it is time to take actions. No matter you are tend to make it by yourself and friends or use service from a furniture removal company, we think the following […]

Six things you should consider in hotel furniture design

Generally speaking, the requirement for hotel room furniture is the same as home furniture, hotel furniture set is usually made up of hotel bed set, dressing table, night table, luggage cabinet, wardrobe, TV stand, lounge chair, coffee table top and sofa etc. There are six things you should consider in hotel furniture design, especially the […]

How to choose environment furniture

With the development of home furniture decoration, personalized and environment furniture are the two questions people pay most attention to, especially environment furniture, because it directly relate to heath. Furniture with formaldehyde is “invisible killer” , it harms your heath day by day, high density can even make people die. You can get personalized furniture […]