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Yesterday we have published a post “How to find hotel furniture suppliers”, maybe you have got an idea on how to find furniture manufacturers in China, but how to import from China? This process is important because it affects the cost and delivery time, every furniture wholesaler, furniture retailer who are importing from China should pay attention to it, it is not complicated as you thought, and it will save you lots of time and money if you can import from China correctly. We do not want to write long theory here, because it doesn’t make any sense, most of this advice is based on our furniture export experience, so it is easy to understand and follow step by step.


First, you should have found some China furniture factories after reading the post “how to find hotel furniture suppliers”, then send emails to this furniture suppliers, if you have your own furniture products, just send details, the more details you send to, the more respect and better price you will get; if you do not have your own furniture products and you are interested in the products on this furniture sites, just send the model number and ask for quotation. Do NOT send email like “Hi, I am interested in your products, pls send me price list”, we usually take it as spam!
Delete those China furniture suppliers who do not respond to your email in 2 working days in your list, there is no need to make any further steps with them. Of course you can also try to call this furniture suppliers directly in case of your email was rejected by email server as spam, and telephone call will make China manufacturers get back to you ASAP.
Second, there are two basic shipping ways in international trade: by express or by container, you have to pay custom duty in both the two ways. Generally speaking, express shipping is faster and more expensive, containers shipping is slower and cheaper, take Barcelona chair for example, if you buy 1 pc Barcelona chair from China and choose DHL, you will get this chair about 5 days later, and DHL will charge about $500; but if you choose LCL(Less than Container Load) shipping, the charge is half, but you need to wait for a month! The cost of shipping can still be reduced if you can make FCL importing from China, 220 pcs Barcelona chairs can be loaded in a 40HQ, the shipping charge from Shenzhen(China) to USA is less than $3,000, that why some furniture wholesalers always have very competitive price, because they strictly control the cost of every step. You can see that express is not suitable for furniture shipping because of expensive cost, so we will try to make more explanations on container shipping.
Third, the main three price term in container shipping: EXW, FOB and CIF, we do not explain it here, because you can find all details in Google. Most overseas buyers choose FOB or CIF, if you have many containers from China every month, and your company has separated department to deal with shipping affairs, FOB is the best choice, because you can get good price and service from shipping agent directly; if you do not have big quantity container every month, and there are not enough employees in your company, maybe CIF is more suitable, shipping charge quotation from China is always much cheaper than what you get from local agent. Now 40% of our customers prefer to CIF price after comparing the cost.
At last, we highly recommend you find a local agent who provide import service, such as custom duty, moving of containers to your warehouse etc. The agent is professional, he can do this stuff fast and efficient, do not try to do all the things until you have big enough business every month and separated department.
Now, do you know “How to import from China”? Any good idea or advice, pls contact us. Thanks.

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