The 128th Canton Fair opens online

The 128th Canton Fair will be held online from October 15th to 24th, with about 60,000 booths and nearly 26,000 exhibitors from China mainland and abroad.

This is the second online China Canton Fair in 2020, it has upgraded and optimized the “cloud platform”. Exhibitors can display their company and the latest products in various forms such as graphics, video, 3D, and VR; through live marketing, enrich company publicity and display methods; through the creation of a virtual exhibition hall , To create a physical exhibition atmosphere.

On the morning of October 14, the opening press conference of the 128th China Import and Export Fair was held in the Guangzhou Canton Fair Hall. Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, said that the COVID-19 epidemic is still spreading globally at this moment, and China’s foreign anti-import pressure is still very high. With the approval of the China State Council, the 128th Canton Fair will continue to be held online from October 15 to 24.

This Canton Fair will continue to set up 50 exhibition areas based on 16 categories of commodities, with a total of about 60,000 booths, and nearly 26,000 domestic and foreign exhibitors. The scale is basically the same as the 127th session (The first online Canton Fair in June 2020). There will be international buyers from more than 210 countries and regions register for the exhibition and purchase Made-in-China products online. As of October 13th, exhibitors had uploaded 2,358,400 products, including 591,500 new products. All exhibits will be displayed online from October 15-24 for a 10-day exhibition period.

The 128th Canton Fair “cloud activities” are more abundant. In addition to the Cloud Opening Ceremony held on October 15th, the Canton Fair Export Product Design Award (CF Award) review will also be carried out. 1966 products from 932 companies participated in the review this time, an increase of 35% and 27% comparing to the first online Canton Fair in June, and the number of companies and products reached a new high record. At the same time, it will also hold related activities with the theme of “domestic and international dual cycle economic, domestic and foreign trade driven by both online and offline” to support enterprises to connect with the domestic market and help build a domestic and international dual cycle, a new development pattern that recycles and promotes each other. The Canton Fair hold a series of new product launch conferences, and also invite outstanding exhibitors & companies from various industries, showing the latest high-quality products in the Canton Fair through live broadcasts, demonstrating their innovative power.

In addition, The 128th Canton Fair continue to set up special topics for cross-border e-commerce integrated experimental reform regions, publicize the work of each integrated experimental reform regions in China, and promote a group of cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises.

Under the severe challenges of COVID-19 epidemic will bring to the global economy and trade in 2020, the 128th Canton Fair will actively promote China Manufacturers and Suppliers to participate in the “domestic and international dual cycle economic”, and make better use of both international and domestic markets resources to achieve more scientific and sustainable development.

Xu Bing introduced that this Canton Fair will dig deep into domestic procurement resources, compile the highlights of domestic trade of exhibitors, conduct multi-channel and all-round investment promotion, and reach to high-quality domestic procurement companies accurately. Further expand procurement invitations, in-depth exploration of potential consumer market demand and procurement resources in various regions, and invite large-scale supermarkets, e-commerce platforms and other professional procurement organizations to register and order.

The 128th Canton Fair also open up supply and purchase matching channels. For exhibitors with China domestic market intentions, the “China Domestic Sales Available” label is added to their online shop pages to improve recognition, and an online product guidebook that can be sold domestically is displayed to help both suppliers and buyers quickly match up. This Canton Fair also optimize the invitation function of domestic buyers, exhibitors can share invitation letters, links, QR codes, etc. with one click, and invite partners to enjoy business opportunities.

This exhibition will also use Guangdong as a pilot to host the first “China domestic and international dual cycle economic, driven by domestic and international trade” promotion activities in Guangzhou, organize large-scale supermarkets, chain stores, social e-commerce platforms with China export manufacturers, it is a face to face meeting to find more business opportunities.

A total of 448 manufacturers, factories and suppliers from Foshan City (China) participated in the Canton Fair, with 1,503 booths, including 506 brand booths and 997 general booths. The scale of Foshan exhibitors is in the forefront of various cities in Guangdong Province, China.

Foshan’s traditional superior products, Home appliances, building materials, furniture, lighting, ceramic and other products have strong competitiveness and are widely welcomed by international buyers. Many Foshan companies will show their latest products and use the Canton Fair Cloud platform to get orders and expand the international market.

Now let us talk about some disadvantage of this online Canton Fair, it seems that the marketing of this this online fair is not as good as the first one in June, we can’t find ads for it on mainstream media of China and International, some customers even did not know it. Most international buyers were used to discuss business details face to face in the Canton Fair, it is simple, fast and efficient, they may not interested in online fair and chat on Whatsapp. Tencent provide with technical support for this online fair, most business of this company is in China mainland, they may not be experienced in this large international fair, so visitors from some countries and areas may open this online Canton Fair with low speed, they may not be patient to wait for one more minute before closing it. Visitors need to install APP on mobile phone and fill in a form before checking product details in online Canton Fair, some visitors may be sensitive about privacy and then give up viewing online stores.

As a furniture manufacturer & supplier in Foshan City, China, we hope the online Canton Fair can make improvement and be better next time, so that more customers can buy Made in China products online, this is the trend of business. Welcome to contact us if you need hotel furniture and relative products from China!