What is the difference between CO certificate and Form A certificate


Certificate of origin always play an important role in importing from China, it is used for prove exporting goods and manufacturing country, you would know where the goods was made by checking Certificate in international trading. The import country may take different custom tax rate according to different Certificates of origin. Generally speaking, this kinds of certificate can be divided into three groups, General Certificate of Origin, GSP Certificate of Origin and Special Certificate of Origin. When we say CO certificate, we usually mean General Certificate of Origin, and FORM A certificate is one kind of GSP Certificate of Origin. OK, I am familiar with furniture exporting in China, so let us take this certificates in China for example.

CO certificate is only a certificate that shows in which country or area the goods are made, in most cases, it does not affect the custom tax when you import from China, but things may be different if your country has special agreements with China. So, CO certificate is only required by customers who can’t get GSP Certificate of Origin from China due to their countries or areas, but it can be used in all the countries and areas in the world. What customers care most is GSP Certificate of Origin, so we will make more explanations on it.

As we mentioned before, FORM A Certificate is only one kind of GSP Certificate of Origin in China, you may ask: how many kinds of GSP certificate here? Now let’s make things clearer, there are about eight kinds of GSP Certificate of Origin in China, most of this certificates can help you reduce custom tax according to the agreement between your countries or areas and China.

  1. Form A certificate. It is also called “Generalized System of Preferences Certificate of Origin”There are now 39 countries who provides GSP treatment to China, so Form A certificate is usually required by furniture importers from this countries, they are: 27 countries in European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Turkey.
  2. Form B certificate. It is also called “Certificate of Origin Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement”, and can be used in Korea, India, Sri Lanka and Banladesh.
  3. Form E certificate. It is also called “ASEAN-CHINA Free Trade Area Preferential Tariff Certificate Of Origin ”, and can be used in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.
  4. Certificate of Origin China-Pakistan FTA, obviously this certificate can be only used in Pakistan.
  5. Form F certificate. It is also called “Certificate of Origin Form F for China-Chile FTA”, and you can see that it is only used in Chile.
  6. Form N certificate. It is also called “Certificate of Origin Form N for China-New Zealand FTA” by the agreement between China and New Zealand on April 7th, 2008. Form N can be used in New Zealand only.
  7. Form X certificate. It is also called “Certificate of Origin Form X for China-Singapore FTA” since January 1st, 2009. From X can be used in Singapore only.

There are also some special certificates of origin in international trading, they are formed by some international organization or countries due to adjustments of special industries or products, such as grape wine, tobacco, cheese products etc. China government issues this kings of certificates according to the agreement with relative countries or areas.