Furniture manufacturers are looking for new market

Furniture manufacturers in China were always pay much attention to European Union market, but now more and more furniture factories are trying to develop new furniture wholesalers and retailers besides Euro and North America, because the Euro wood and woodworks regulations & new pro-environment design instructions will be enforced to carry out in all Euro members since March 3,2014. Obviously China wood furniture and China woodwork exporters who sell products in Euro will pay much more than before if they don’t want to give up Euro furniture market.

Some China furniture manufacturers with medium and small scale have been suffering a lot from less overseas orders and appreciation of the RMB recent years, this new rules from Euro will make things much more difficult, more and more furniture factories will give up Euro market and try to find new market such as domestic and India.

Actually, the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certificate has been in USA and Russia for years, Euro buyer will demand for FSC from next year, definitely it is a great impact to China furniture exporters, and the procedure of FSC is complicated, the cost of purchasing raw material and management will be increased.
According to this new rule from Euro, all the wood furniture and woodwork exported to Euro should have FSC Certificate, all factories in the wood manufacturing chains must submit basic such as wood proveniences/countries, volume and weight of wood, the name and address of log supplier etc to prove validity of wood, those who do not comply with this new rule will get severe punishment. It coverage all wood furniture in office, kitchen, bedroom, living room and dining room, wooden ware (including wood panel), wood board, wood frame and wood package (including box and chest).
But actually in China, the timber resources is insufficient, and the demand from wood furniture manufacturers is huge, so China has to import more to make up it, now China is the second largest wood importer in the world, who import mainly from Russia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Gabon etc, the forest protection legal system is incomplete in this countries and areas, illegal deforestation is popular without supervise, it is hard to provide valid wood certificate, wood furniture and woodworks made by timber resources from this countries and areas will be restricted in Euro market after March 3,2014. There is only 10% of wood in the world has certificate, and only 1% of wood in China market has certificate. The cost of PEFC and FSC is more than $100,000, and furniture manufacturers have to cost a lot in manufacturing and management to reach the standard, there will be no advantage in competitive forces in the future.
That’s why many China furniture manufacturers are trying to develop new market, some take aims at great potential domestic market, some pay more attention to South America, India and Middle East market, furniture shows in this countries and areas are more and more popular with China furniture exporters. Senyi Furniture are planing to take part in more international  furniture fairs to expand new markets.

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