10 tips to use furniture correctly and safely

We use different kinds of furniture every day: home furniture, patio furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture etc. Using furniture doesn’t means you only have to buy this furniture and put it where the furniture designer think it should be, sometimes you have to adjust it by furniture moving, sometimes you have to do necessary furniture maintenance to prolong its life.  Here are 10 tips to use furniture correctly and safely.

1. Put the furniture in smooth and steady, make sure the ground is flat, and the heavy part of furniture should be at the bottom, or the furniture would be easily fall down and damaged, even hurt someone. Do not over the width if you put some items in the cabinet or TV stand or wardrobe or similar furniture, or this items would make the door extended and be out of shape in some part.

2. The packing box should be up during furniture transportation, and the height should not be more than 2 layers, or the carton box would be easily fall down when you drive uphill or downhill, this is dangerous. Remember to make the items in furniture get out before furniture moves, the doors and drawers of furniture should be taped and tight too.
3. Ask the children to keep away from the sharp corners, mirrors, glass (especially non-tempered glass), metal accessories of all kinds of furniture, because children are always curious and would be easily hurt by this parts when they are playing not far away.

4. Gasoline, benzene, acetone and other similar organic solvent are forbidden to get in touch with furniture, because they are high corrosive to most furniture and absolutely affect the normal periods for use of furniture.
5. Extendable dining tables are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and it is also expensive, so please only use the special “extended” function when it is necessary, do not open & close it frequently, or relative parts of this kinds of furniture would be damaged soon and it will be not “extendable” again.
6. There are two painting for wood veneer furniture: open painting and close painting. Open painting can demonstrate the nature grain and concave-convex sense, close painting can make the top of wood furniture flat and glossy. You can use little dish washing detergent to clear the oil stains on the wood veneer top of furniture, no matter it is open painting or close painting.
7. Do not open the door of wardrobe or cabinet strongly, because the hinges need to be installed into furniture by screws, this screws would be loose and the hinges would be done if the doors of furniture are usually be opened by heavy weight.

8. The maintenance of furniture joint parts and screws: Some screws may be loose after long period of usage, you can use spanner or wrench to strength this screws, it is a piece of cake; Make sure to use lubrication oil in furniture rail one or two times every year, do not over put the lubrication oil or this oil would overflow and damage other parts of furniture.
9. Sometimes we may drop oil stains to the glass top of furniture, don’t worry, we can use little dish washing detergent to clean at first, then we use clear water to clean the dish washing detergent, finally we use dry cloth to clean the glass top. Please take care of both dish washing detergent and clear water, do not let them spill into the drawers of furniture.
10. You can use high density dark color cloth to cover the furniture you will not use temporarily. If you will go out of home for a long time, you can knock down the furniture and pack it in carton boxes, please do not put this furniture packing boxes in humid or heat places.