How to choose environment furniture

With the development of home furniture decoration, personalized and environment furniture are the two questions people pay most attention to, especially environment furniture, because it directly relate to heath. Furniture with formaldehyde is “invisible killer” , it harms your heath day by day, high density can even make people die.
You can get personalized furniture by consulting a professional furniture designer. But how to choose environment furniture without or with little formaldehyde, we suggest that you can do this in 5 steps:


Step 1: Check the smell at first. There is man-made wood board more or less in most of wood furniture for sale besides all solid wood furniture, formaldehyde comes from this man-made board part, so it is important to check the smell carefully before making any purchasing decision. Don’t buy the wood furniture make you be uncomfortable and sneeze, it is not environment furniture.
Step 2: Ask for quality reports. Most of the wood furniture has formaldehyde, and the amount of released formaldehyde is different with the material, every country has its own standard (it is no more than 1.5 milligram per litre in China), you can find your national standard by searching in Google, then compare it with the number you get from quality reports, furniture wholesalers and retailers should have quality reports for the furniture they are selling, especially environment furniture, otherwise it may harm your health. We highly suggest that you buy the wood furniture made from E1 standard board, because it is absolutely harmless for human body.
Step 3: Ask the price. Those harmful wood furniture are often made by very cheap and bad quality man-made wood board, so the price of whole set wood furniture is often “very very low”, be cautious to “ unbelievable low price”!
Step 4: Sign a contract including environment terms. Buying furniture is not buying a Kindle, a contract with environment terms is necessary. It is troublesome, but it may save troubles in future.
Step 5: Ask for official invoice. You can often get a discount if you do not require official invoice, and some furniture wholesalers and retailers will also try to persuade you accept receipt, DON’T do that. Receipt doesn’t make any sense when furniture quality problems come out later. So remember to ask for official invoice, it is worth even the price may be a little higher.
We can not 100% guarantee that you can have environment furniture by this 5 steps, but at least it will reduce the risk you buy harmful furniture. We Senyi Furniture always use E1 standard board to make sure that all our products is harmless, any questions or ideas, please contact us.