Tips for safe furniture removal (Part 1 Before the removal)

Tips for safe furniture removal (Part 1: Before the removal)

Everything begins with difficulty, and everything should be ready before the furniture removal, whatever you hire a furniture removal company or do this by yourself, family members and friends. Here are some preparations you’d better take note before furniture removal.

  • Choose a fine day. No one would like to make furniture removal in rain, packing box can be easily damaged, and you should pay extra attention to all the furniture because of bad weather. Some furniture removal companies even refuse to do their job on rainy day, because the risk would raise too much, for both their employees and customers’ furniture, they do not want troubles. To the contrary, a fine day would make everything much easier, so, please check weather forecast before furniture removal and move furniture under sunshine!
  • Make a list of your furniture. This list is important, you will need it during the whole procedure of furniture removal, you may say “Wow, it is boring, I have so many furniture and I don’t know where to star!”…Actually, making the list is not a terrible thing as you thought, you can go to living room at first, then write down your living room furniture one by one in the list, then dining room furniture, kitchen room furniture, bedroom furniture, and kids & children furniture (if you have).It’s so simple that you can finished this list in 10 ~ 20 minutes.
  • Disassemble your furniture if it is possible. Some furniture is designed in KD (Knock down) packing, so you can disassembled it before furniture removal, such as coffee table, dining table & chairs, TV cabinet and bed. We do this not only to save the space in truck, but also to low down the risk of damage to furniture. Please wrap the spare parts of each products in separated bags and write the name on it, or you will be confused and crazy in finding this spare parts after furniture removal. For some complicated KD furniture, we highly suggest one of your family members or friends can make a video when you disassemble it, then it can be easily assembled again after furniture removal, this videos would help you even you can’t remember how to assemble this complicated furniture.
  • Prepare some protective materials. Remember the packing materials such as boxes, foam and bubble bag when you get new home furniture? Have you keep this materials? Yes, it is time to use them again. Protection is necessary in furniture removal, this furniture packing materials can keep furniture clean, also can suffer most of scratched and hits from other furniture during furniture removal, you can imagine what this furniture would be if there is no furniture protective materials. “Hey, I did not keep this material, what should I do?” Well, go to your neighbor and ask if they have, if not, find the nearest furniture store, I bet there has what you need.

All above are our suggestions before furniture removal, of course, you need to contact with a locale furniture removal company before furniture removal if you have decided to use their service. Try to make every detail clear, we suggest that you go to the company and see how they works before making any decisions. In next passage, we will post Part 2: Tips for safe furniture removal (During the Removal).

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