Tips for safe furniture removal (Part 2 During the removal)

Tips for safe furniture removal (Part 2 During the removal)

In previous article Tips for safe furniture removal Part 1 Before the removal, we have listed some tips when you are planning furniture removal, now it is time to take actions. No matter you are tend to make it by yourself and friends or use service from a furniture removal company, we think the following tips will be helpful during the furniture removal.

  • Wearing appropriate clothing. Yes, profession movers from removal company would do this consciously, but if you are planning DIY furniture removal, then do remember to wear appropriate clothing during furniture removal, that is, long sleeve and pant, glop and slip resistant shoes. All this is essential during the removal, it can avoid less bruises, scratches, injuries and other unpleasant things that you would not like to see. So, please pay attention to your clothing if you want to protect both furniture and yourself well during the removal.
  • Checking the list. Remember the furniture list in Part 1? We highly suggest that you move the furniture according to the list order during furniture removal, for example, if living room furniture is on the top of this list, then there should be sofa, side table top, side table legs, coffee table top, coffee table legs etc under “living room furniture”, just move this furniture one by one, and then make a mark on the list when it is done. Remember to communicate with the movers if you are using service from furniture removal company, just show them the list and ask for their advices. Give the movers copy of this list if they agree with it, this can make everything in order and efficient, it will also be helpful after furniture removal, we will talk this in Part 3 Afer the removal.
  • Take care of the spare parts. Spare parts is really important for this furniture you have disassembled, they connect all parts of furniture to make it a nice one in your home. It would make you crazy if some spare parts were missing during furniture removal, you can’t even buy it in locale hardware shop because of speciality in size and material. Take a modern dining table as example, this table is usually made up of two separated parts, glass top and metal tube leg, using spare parts like metal base, screw bar, allen key and screws to connect top & legs, can you image what would happened if you are missing the metal base? No modern dining table, just some useless parts. So, try to put relative spare parts together with main part of furniture, you can band it with leg parts so that you will not get confused when trying to assemble the furniture again.
  • Keep children and pets away during furniture removal. It is really dangers to do big and heavy furniture removal when children and pets are playing around the house, sometimes they even hide in the truck just for fun! It would be a disaster if some accidents happen. So, you’d better have your children and pets visit a friend or a relative such as grandpa to stay 2 ~ 3 days, until the furniture removal is done. Another solution is hiring a babysitter to keep children and pets distracted for a while, if furniture removal can be done in several hours.

All above are our suggestions during furniture removal, maybe we don’t have all details in consideration, welcome to make comments if you have more ideas or questions. In next blog, we will post Part 3: Tips for safe furniture removal (After the removal).

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