Tips for safe furniture removal (Part 3 After the removal)

Tips for safe furniture removal (Part 3 After the removal)

In last article Part 2: Tips for safe furniture removal (During the Removal), we have posted some tips during furniture removal, now the furniture removal is done, what you should do? Yes, it is simple after the removal, but you should still pay attention to it.

  • Check the furniture list again. Now all the furniture is outside of your new house, then check list to see if any parts are missing or damaged during furniture removal. Make remediation immediately when you found there is something wrong, or it will be big trouble when you want to assemble this furniture again.
  • Do not mixed all the furniture together, assemble it one by one. We suggest that you assemble all the furniture immediately after the removal, the earlier you assemble it, the earlier problems will be found and solved. Don’t say “I am tired, leave this work tomorrow”, maybe you can’t remember where certain spare parts are in the next day morning! Try your best to assemble this furniture room by room, such as  master bedroom sets—kids’ & children bedroom—kitchen room—dining room—living room, living room is close to door, so put it in the last.
  • Take care of packing materials. Do not throw packing material and tools away after furniture removal, it can be used again if you move frequently. They are very cheap, but sometimes it is a boring thing to find enough materials in furniture removal, you have to spend lots of time and energy. So, try to make full use of packing materials.

Now you can have your children and pets back, and absolutely they will feel excited, because they have a new & nice home now! In next blog, we will post Part 4: Tips for safe hotel furniture removal (BONUS).

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