Tips for safe furniture removal

tips for safe furniture removal

Furniture removals are more and more common in daily life, maybe you were glad at having a new neighbor in March, but then you would be sad to see a truck with  locale furniture removal company logo is in front of your new neighbor’s door in September. There is no need to doubt why he changed jobs so frequently, you will get used to it when this happens a lot. This is because the pace of life and work has speed in recent years, and it would speed more in future, accordingly people change their job quickly if they are not satisfied with current job or find a new job worth giving up current job. I had once changed three jobs in four years, and moved my home three time of course. Yes, it is boring, but new offer is so fantastic that I couldn’t resist it.

The most important part of moving home is furniture removal, bed, wardrobe, sofa, table are all in big volume and heavy weight, they can be easily damaged during furniture removal because of this particularity. What should we do if we do not know how to make safe furniture removal? Yes, maybe we can open Google then type “furniture removal companies”, but here are the problems: how much do you know about this companies? Are they really professional in furniture removal as described in their websites? How can they be responsible for the loss of damaged furniture if it happened? Is the service charge reasonable? Due to this questions, we highly suggest that you can make safe furniture removal all by yourself, don’t worry, we senyi furniture, as Hotel Furniture Manufacturers, know every details of furniture packing and we often delivery furniture sets to our domestic customers, sometimes we make furniture removals for them too, so we would like to share all this tips for safe furniture removal, you can do it step by step as our tips.

We are plan to divide this tips into four parts, here is the list:

Part 1: Tips for safe furniture removal (Before the Removal)

Part 2: Tips for safe furniture removal (During the Removal)

Part 3: Tips for safe furniture removal (After the Removal)

Part 4: Tips for safe hotel furniture removal (BONUS)

We will show you exactly most of the details and the place you should pay attention to, but this is just our suggestions, and it is impossible to cover all situation in every furniture removal, because furniture removal is really complicated and you should take care of it from beginning to end. Any questions or advices, please leave comments, thanks.

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