Tips for safe hotel furniture removal (Bonus for hotel furniture liquidators)

Tips for safe furniture removal (Bones for hotel furniture liquidators)

We have posted Tips for safe furniture removal in last blogs, but all this tips are suitable for home moving only, so we decide to post this article as a bonus for hotel furniture liquidators considering that most of our visitors are making hotel furniture, commercial furniture and contract furniture business. Senyi hotel furniture manufacturer have been in hotel furniture industry for more than 20 years, so all the following tips are categorized according to our experience in contract furniture delivery.

  • Make perfect packing for hotel furniture. No matter it is new contract furniture or used hotel furniture, no matter the distance is long or nearby, you should attach importance to furniture packing. Most hotel furniture is big and heavy, but not hard and strong enough as stone, it can be easily damaged during hotel furniture removal, especially for glass/PU/fabric parts. So it would be better if you can use box to packing all hotel furniture, some of our customers even require wooden structure packing outside of box! Great packing can show customers that you are thinking quality seriously, and the price will be definitely good, the most important of all, you will have less chance of getting quality claims from customers.
  • Disassemble the furniture before removal if it is possible. Yes, we have mentioned this tip in Tips for safe furniture removal (Part 1 Before the removal), but there are differences between them. Hotel furniture and contract furniture is more complicated than home furniture, it requires more, and some fixed furniture need to be installed in destination, because this furniture can’t be knocked down again when they are assembled. Remember to pack all tools and assemble instructions well, make sure that all this can be found easily when you need to install hotel furniture and contact furniture again after removal. Another advantage of doing this is saving space, hotel furniture and contact furniture business are always in big quantity, just imagine how many trucks will be needed if there is 100 sets assembled hotel room beds…you need to pay workers to assemble them, but it is worth to do, we think.
  • Make a list and try to put the same kinds of furniture in one truck. List is always important, we have talked about it in all three passages before, this list will always need to be checked during the whole procedure of hotel furniture removal. And we highly suggest that you can put same kinds of furniture in one truck, for example, if you have commercial furniture for 50 hotel rooms, then it would be good to put 50 desks and desk chairs in one truck, not put the room set furniture one by one, it can also save spaces and make everything efficient after removal.
  • Find a professional furniture removal company and then use their service. Do not try to do hotel furniture removal all by yourself, family members or friends as your home furniture removal, it is impossible mission, and the furniture would be easily damaged because of the lack of professional workers. A professional furniture removal company would do this complicated jobs for you easily, saving time and reducing risks. Remember to sign a contract with the company and make sure that all details are clear.

That’s all, we hope it would be helpful when you are planning to buy used hotel furniture from hotel furniture liquidators. Leave a message if you have any problems or comments.

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