Hotel furniture business in China

China has carried out Reform and Open policy for 35 years, and it achieve great progress in economic development, more and more foreigners come to China for sight viewing or business, so the number of hotels in China has increased a lot in recent years, not only of 3-star, 4-star, but also of 5-star in many China cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen. That means, China domestic market has great demands for hotel furniture, you may think that all China hotels choose suppliers from only China hotel furniture manufacturers, this is not true, as a matter of fact, many China hotels can accept foreign suppliers now, and many hotel furniture manufacturers outside of China are aiming at hotel furniture business in China.

Hotel furniture business in China

Many international hotels choose suppliers with strict procedure, sometimes they even go to international hotel furniture fairs to find quality hotel furniture suppliers. But in China, things are different, many China hotels do not have full-detailed and clear rules in purchasing and suppliers management, so they often find hotel furniture suppliers by “relationship”, they do not go to furniture fairs, even this fairs are not far away from this hotels, they seldom search “hotel furniture suppliers” in Google or Baidu too. Competitive bid is also unnecessary during this process, even your price, quality and payment term is the best, the purchase manager would say no to you too, and he would say yes to this suppliers who do well in “relationship”. So you can see that the key of hotel furniture business in China is “relationship”, like many other business in China. If hotel furniture manufacturers want to share a cake from China hotel furniture market, their salesmen should be active in contacting with this China hotels, try their best to make excellent relationship with purchase manager etc who can make a decision in choosing hotel furniture suppliers. This activity can’t achieve effects in several days, it needs great efforts and patience, but reward is valuable, you will be in the long-term suppliers list of this hotel if your products and service are both OK, this hotel would rarely find any other suppliers, the purchase manager would call you at the first time this hotel want to renew the hotel furniture, sounds great, huh?

Hotel furniture manufacturers out of China may worry about the competition from China hotel furniture manufacturers, this is really not a problem, in the past, many China hotels were only looking for cheap hotel furniture, they do not care the design or quality, price is the only thing they concerned in choosing hotel furniture suppliers, but cheap hotel furniture means cheap material, the quality is not good as you think, so this hotels had to renew furniture frequently, it is a real big amount in cost, worthy to buy good quality hotel furniture and they do not need to refresh it frequently. Another advantage of international hotel furniture suppliers is that they often attach importance to design, but most China hotel furniture manufacturers do not have their own designer, just copy and OEM, this situation makes international hotel furniture suppliers are more competitive in some luxury 5-star hotel furniture project bid. So, hotel furniture manufacturers out of China should make full usage of brand and design, not cheap price or simply OEM.

Hotel projects in China are always have connection with local government, so sometimes you can try to get useful information from local government, most of them would be friendly to foreign business man. Some information may be great help in your hotel furniture business in China.

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