Hotel furniture manufacturers or furniture agents in China?

China furniture is now a big industry after more than 20 years development, more and more furniture manufacturers are paying much importance to management, brand and quality nowadays, only small part of China furniture factories are still making cheap furniture with low quality (obviously this furniture factories are easy closed in fierce competition). Accordingly, there are lots of furniture agents coming out in China recently, so if you are not familiar with furniture agents in China, you may be confused: I could contact with hotel furniture manufacturers in China, why should I find a furniture agent? Here are our suggestions.


Furniture importer, furniture wholesaler and furniture retailer are always trying to sell everything to attract more customers and make more business, because people are always tending to buy everything from one store, not buying dining table and chairs from A store, leather sofa from B store, queen bed from C store…it is horrible. So all the furniture buyers who looks for furniture manufacturers in China are more likely to buy all their furniture products from one furniture manufacturer, especially for hotel furniture, because it is a furniture project, you need to find all relative products for a hotel, it is not a easy job, but the problem is that there is no manufacturer can make all kinds of furniture in China, so you have two choices now.

Option A, you find many China furniture factories sort of furniture product category all by yourself and contact with furniture manufacturer’s representatives directly, obviously you have to work hard and spend more time to communicate with all vendors, it is not easy to find a good furniture manufacturer, and you should consider more things like product number, payment, price term, delivery time, quality inspection etc, yes, you can find competitive products and save more money in this way, but it may occupy most of your time and energy, you can’t expand your market and spend more time with family, not all the furniture manufacturers are good at service, or they do not attach importance to you especially you do not have so-called “big” order at first, are you tired of it? Pls have a look at option B.

Option B, you find a furniture agent in China to do all the things for you. This furniture agents have lots of furniture resources in China, they are good at communicating with furniture manufacturers and quality inspection in China, they can get good price, they are convenient to make all your orders in several containers even this orders are small and produced by different factories, sounds good, uh? But how does this furniture agents make money? They often sell furniture products to you with a higher price or ask for commission, that means, you pay for their service, then you can do more things about your own furniture business. Furniture agent service is really good when you have a hotel project, because there are so many product to purchase, some are even not furniture! Most furniture agents in China are small team, so it would be better to arrange a face-to-face meeting before making any decision, take care of scammers.

As you can see, hotel furniture manufacturers and furniture agents have both advantage &disadvantage, how do you choose it? It depends, if you works in a furniture company with medium or large scale, option A will be nice, because there are employers who work with Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in China and deal with all relative things; If you are a small furniture business owner, option B would be your best choice, you pay a little to the furniture agent in China, and you can focus on customers and marketing, great deal,right?

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