How to Buy and Import Furniture from Foshan China

Foshan furniture is well known by many furniture importers, furniture wholesalers and furniture retailers all over the world, but how much do you know about “Foshan furniture”? Is it a big furniture company? What is the difference among “Foshan furniture”, “Shunde Furniture”, “Dongguan Furniture” and “Guangzhou Furniture”? How to buy and import Foshan Furniture? This questions may have confused you for a long time, don’t worry, you will find all answers here.


Foshan furniture is not a furniture enterprise with big scale, it is a locale furniture brand on behalf of lots furniture manufacturers in Foshan City, there are five districts in Foshan, they are Chancheng District, Shunde District, Nanhai District, Sanshui District and Gaoming District, you can find that Shunde District has the same name as “Shunde Furniture”, yes, it is the locale brand of Shunde Furniture. Many furniture factories showed up in Shunde after the year 1992 (Shunde was a city at that moment), then Shunde is famous for all kinds of furniture manufacturing, in 2004, Shunde was changed from a city to a district of Foshan City, and many furniture relative industrial area came out in Nanhai District and Gaoming District to support Shunde Furniture, now the furniture industry of this three district is the main part of Foshan Furniture, so we can say that Shunde Furniture was born before Foshan Furniture, but now Shunde Furniture is part of Foshan Furniture. There are many furniture factories in Foshan City after 20 years development, most of them is small scale, so don’t be surprised if you find a 10 employers home furniture factory in Shunde District, they buy furniture parts from professional suppliers, the assemble and pack it, that’s all. There is a huge furniture accessories chain in Lecong and Longjiang Town of Shunde District, buying furniture parts from professional suppliers is less cost than making it yourself. Most of this small furniture factories do not have their own brand, only rely on OEM furniture orders with low price from several customers, they do not know how to make furniture marketing, so it is really hard for them to survive more than 2 years, many furniture factories shut down since 2008, some of them closed factories after getting deposit from customers, this brought bad reputation to Foshan Furniture, so the government of Foshan City has made some policies to support furniture manufactures in small and medium scale. Another problem of Foshan Furniture is bad quality with low price, the competition in Foshan is so fierce that many furniture manufacturers provide furniture products in low price, they have to use bad materials and unskilled workers to save cost, then you can imagine what the quality should be. So pay attention to the quality of Foshan furniture, using Furniture QC in China is a good solution.

Foshan-furniture-3 Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen is also important cities in Guangdong Province, China. Guangzhou is provincial capital, the government has attached importance to environmental pollution recent years, many furniture manufacturers, chrome factories and painting factories in Guangzhou had been forced to leave Guangzhou before the Asian Games 2010, so now the number of furniture manufactures in Guangzhou is decreased year by year, but there are still some good quality factories stay in Guangzhou, such as Oppein Group, Kinetic Furniture…Generally speaking, the quality of Guangzhou furniture is better than Foshan Furniture,absolutely the price would be more expensive. Dongguan Furniture has its particularity, many owners of Dongguang furniture manufacturers are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, they did not aim at China domestic market, 90% orders are from overseas furniture buyers, so Dongguan Furniture has been affected a lot this years, but you can still find excellent suppliers in Dongguan, such as Senyuan Furniture Group. Shenzhen is a port city, so most of the furniture companies in Shenzhen are trading companies, they are good at sourcing service, so if you are doing all kinds of furniture business, and do not want to communicate with many China furniture manufacturers, Shenzhen Furniture is a nice choice.

Foshan-furniture-1 Is “Foshan Furniture” clear now? We hope this short passage can help you purchasing furniture correctly from China. Any ideas or requirements, pls contact us.

This post was published on 2013, and we are planing to update it in 2021 or 2022.

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