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Hotel furniture suppliers are always important for hotel furniture wholesaler, hotel furniture retailer, furniture importer and business man who has a hotel project on hand. Undoubtedly, a good hotel furniture supplier can save you lots of time and energy, the only thing you should do is sending all your requirement, and the hotel furniture manufacturers will do everything for you. Sounds great, right? So, how to find best hotel furniture suppliers? Here is our advice:

First, you’d better start it from China mainland, “Made in China” will still take great advantages in at least 30 years, Made in USA or Made in UK is great, but the cost is much more higher than Made in China, and nowadays furniture buyers are always consider “Price” at first…Furniture industries in India, Vietnam and Indonesia have developing fast recent years, but furniture sources in this countries are limited, it is hard to form whole furniture Industry Chain there, so finding hotel furniture suppliers in this countries is not a wise decision, especially for hotel furniture, because you need to buy all kinds of furniture to make it a set. May be you are worried about it because you know nothing about importing from China, take it easy, we will make another post “How to import from China” soon, you will find all answers there.
Second, try to find China hotel furniture factory in search engine like Google, Bing, Ask etc, remember to add “China” when you are typing keywords. For example, you can use “China hotel furniture” in Google, then Google will show some furniture manufacturers below. You can click all the relative furniture websites in both natural ranking and PPC Ad. Generally speaking, there would be “contact us” page on each site, then call by phone or send email. That’s it! Another way is attending hotel furniture shows in China, such as Hotel Furniture China 2013 in Shanghai (4/1/2013-4/3/2013),but it is more expensive than using search engine.
Third, big furniture manufacturers are not suitable for every one. Maybe you will find some big and famous hotel furniture manufacturers in Step 2,they look great and creditable, but is it OK for you? It depends. If you have a big five star hotel project, and you don’t care the price, just want to buy luxury hotel furniture from China, then these factories are best choice. But we believe that most furniture buyers can not afford big quantity order in one time or high price, then this “big” and “famous” China furniture manufacturers will not take you as their VIP, you may get an email after one month, and it say “Sorry but the quantity in your order is so small that we can’t do it”, very bad uh? Try to find hotel furniture suppliers in medium scale, they can provide the same quality but affordable price, you will be a VIP in this companies even it is not a big order, they can make LCL container. That’s the reason why many customers choose Senyi furniture Co., Ltd.
At last, take care of scam from China. Asking for business license and phone call is necessary, try to use L/C as payment term in first order, it is much more safer than T/T. We highly recommend furniture QC in China if you often import furniture from China, you can reduce the risk to lowest by quality inspection before shipping.
Welcome contact us or leave comment if you have any good idea about “how to find hotel furniture suppliers”.

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