Six things you should consider in hotel furniture design

Generally speaking, the requirement for hotel room furniture is the same as home furniture, hotel furniture set is usually made up of hotel bed set, dressing table, night table, luggage cabinet, wardrobe, TV stand, lounge chair, coffee table top and sofa etc. There are six things you should consider in hotel furniture design, especially the material and structure design of hotel room furniture.


1. Appearance quality. At first, it requires the top of hotel furniture is flat, fine workmanship, smoothy decoration, clear and beautiful wood grain. The basic materials of hotel furniture are flakeboard, MDF and hipboard, materials used on surface are decorative veneer, beech rotary cut veneer and three-ply. Different basic and surface material have different speciality, the hotel furniture can be camber if you don’t pay attention to this speciality and right method of application. We highly suggest that it would be better if the specialities of basic material and surface material are the same or similar. The moisture content of wood should be 6% ~ 10%, pls try to use raw material sent by one supplier from one order, also try to short the loading and press time in manufacturing. There are many details you should take care in hotel furniture manufacturer.
2. Structural strength. Most hotel room furniture is fixed furniture, it is hard to move them once hotel furniture has been assembled, we usually use wood screws, metal connecting fittings and adhesive as connecting ways. Please notice the different characteristic of different raw material when using them, take flakeboard and MDF as example, this two material can not hold screws strongly, so they can not be used in frequently active part or the place needs strong screws. Another part you should pay attention to is the metal pendant support headboard and picture frame, strengthen it by wood, otherwise it would be a potential problem.
3. Cost of material. Choose the low cost material if both low cost and high cost material can satisfy the usage request of hotel furniture, make the best of big square measure material, you can use the left of it as some small parts which can be used in other hotel furniture, utilization rate can be increased a lot by this way. Hotel furniture orders are usually in big quantity, so it would be better if you can use computer and software to figure out how to use materials fully, then we can make our price more competitive. Different structure means different material cost, but remember, do not use cheap & low quality instead of good & high grade material, finally you will get more kicks than halfpence.
4. Efficient manufacturing. This is an important thing you should consider in hotel furniture design, it doesn’t make any sense if your design work is impossible or high-cost to produce by hotel furniture manufacturer. Which material is easy to process? Which structure is more acceptable by workers? Which craftwork is more efficient?
5. Transportation and assembling. Hotel furniture is usually assembled in high floor, this requires that all the furniture should be portable, some big size hotel bed and special long desk can’t be lifted by elevator, you’d better check the hotel carefully before hotel furniture design. How to transport and assemble hotel furniture safely? Look into material weight and structure.
6. Safety performance. Most hotels do not have special requirements for the amount of formaldehyde, but if the hotel asks for anti-fire furniture, you can consider using fire plate, burn-proof oil, anti-flaming fabric in some parts of Hotel furniture. Sometimes you have to use flame proofing wood in luxury hotel projects as their requirement.

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