Solid oak wood furniture and MDF furniture

Hotel bedroom furniture is our main product,you know,and most hotel bedroom sets are made by wood, but there are many different kinds of wood material for furniture,so some furniture importers are confused with the material of wood furniture,especially for those who are not familiar with it. In order to make our customer know exactly the material of wood furniture, we post this article.


Solid wood is still the main material of wood furniture in China, such as oak wood,beech wood, most China furniture manufacturers are using oak wood to make solid wood furniture if the customers do not provide exact solid wood name. There are also some kinds of oak wood all over the world,and they do not have the same quality,”Made in China” oak wood is the most widely used one in China furniture industry,it is cheaper than imported oak wood from North America, Africa etc,the quality is worse, of course. We also use domestic oak wood as main material of wood bedroom furniture sets if the customers only ask for solid wood without anything more,we can also use imported oak wood as customers’ requirement,absolutely the price would be more expensive.We know that some China furniture factories claims to the furniture buyers that they always use imported oak wood to make wood furniture,but actually they use “Made in China” oak wood, you can ask them for relative certificates to make sure the material is imported oak wood.

Solid wood is good material for wood furniture,but the processing of solid wood is complicated, and the quality of each piece solid wood affects the quality of solid wood furniture a lot, sometimes the waste of solid wood in special furniture design or small quantity order can not be ignored,generally speaking, all solid wood furniture with good quality is expensive,most furniture importers,furniture wholesalers and furniture retailers would make decision carefully when facing solid wood furniture. Furniture manufacturers in China then find out another wood material to solve this problem, it is MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).


MDF is made by bits and resins of wood under high temperature, so this material is totally made by hand and machine,not like solid wood from nature tree. MDF has a stable structure inside (solid wood structure is different one by one), the size of MDF is usually 1220*2440mm(pls consider this size when you want to order special size wood furniture,or it would make a waste), there are different thickness sizes to choose in MDF: 3mm,5mm,9mm,12mm,15mm,18mm and 25mm. MDF is as hard as solid wood because of the resins inside,it also has smooth surface which is better than unprocessed solid wood, and also has different thickness to choose, the most important one is, it is much cheaper than solid wood material in furniture, so MDF is more and more widely used in wood furniture industry,especially in the large flat part such as door,desk top,chair seat,tv unit etc.But this is not saying that MDF can replace solid wood totally, you can not carve in MDF but it can be done in solid wood,most furniture manufacturers are still using solid wood in structure to make it more stable and durable, so the best way is combining both solid wood and MDF in wood furniture, the price is competitive and the quality can be guaranteed.This is what we used at this moment, most customers can understand it clearly and say OK about it, the following picture would help you know exactly what’s up.


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