Solutions for Anti-Dumping Duties problem (Wooden Bedroom Furniture)

Solutions for anti-dumping duties case

In last post, we introduce the details of Anti-Dumping Duties in USA for wooden bedroom furniture, other products who have ADD problems are in the same situation, this policy is used by many countries and areas all over the world, aiming at protecting relative local industry. Anti-Dumping Duties causes many trade frictions between China and America, making troublesome for America buyers and China suppliers, no one likes paying 216.01% duty, so how to avoid Anti-Dumping Duties if the USA furniture wholesalers or retailers want to import bedroom furniture sets from the China manufacturers not in the low duties companies list ? Here are the solutions according to our experience of exporting wooden bedroom furniture to North America market.

The first solution is shipping goods via the 115 furniture companies in the list, this is what we figure out at the first time we encountered Anti-Dumping Duties problem for wooden bedroom furniture, then we tried to contact with this companies, the result was not satisfied, most of this companies refused us because no furniture exporter in China would like to help competitors to enter USA furniture market, several companies said ‘OK’, but they charge more or less 20% of total amount as “agent charge”, this is unacceptable, even we agree with this term, the info of our customers would be known by this companies because all export documents such as B/L, Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Certificate of Origin etc should be checked & signed by them, we can’t afford the business risk, furniture importers  in USA would not accept that other companies in China collect this information, this companies may provide furniture to their competitors in USA furniture market, so the first solution is not good for both furniture exporters  in China and furniture  importers in USA.

Anti-Dumping Duties wooden bedroom furniture

Then we made brain storm and tried to find another solution, this Anti-Dumping Duties is set for wooden bedroom furniture, so how it would be if we change the name of this wooden bedroom sets in custom? For example, we can change the name of wooden bedroom furniture sets as follows, now they are not “wooden bedroom furniture”:

King Headboard   ——————   Decoration board for living room wall

Nightstand       ———————-   Side table for living room

Mirror         —————————   Mirror for bathroom

TV Chest             ———————   Cupboard for dining room

Activity table     ———————   Dining table for kitchen room

Arm chair          ———————-   Lounge chair

Backboard       ———————–   Decoration board for dining room wall.

Does it works? It seems OK, no “wooden bedroom furniture”, but actually NOT. We had sent this solution to one of customers in USA, but he said this risk a lot for him, yes, the furniture manufacturer in China has no problem in exporting this goods with this “non-wooden-bedroom-furniture” name, but the furniture importers would have problem in clearing custom, once the custom confirm that all the goods is wooden bedroom furniture, he has to pay 216.01%   Anti-Dumping Duties, this is terrible. Obviously we can’t take this solution to make our USA customers in great risk.

So, another brain storm, this Anti-Dumping Duties is set for Made in China, it would be OK if this products are “not” Made in China! We can make this wooden bedroom furniture in China mainland, then ship this containers to other countries around China, change containers in the port there, then ship it, all documents would show that it is not Made in China.  Which country is the best? Malaysia, there are some furniture manufacturers in Malaysia, their main products is rubber wood furniture, and they also make business with China furniture manufacturers who have ADD problems. China furniture factories send container to the port of Kelang, Malaysia, this Malaysia companies arrange changing containers directly there, all shipping documents would be showing that this goods is Made in Malaysia, perfect, huh? The cost is acceptable, and it is convenient for both furniture seller and buyer,  this solution satisfies many USA customers, no problem at all, so we highly recommend it.

That’s all, is the post solve your Anti-Dumping Duties problems? Never worry about importing wooden bedroom furniture set from China, think about Malaysia!

     Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

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