The 32th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair concluded on Sep 10th

The 32th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair

Guangzhou International Furniture Fair is held twice every year, in March and September, it is one of the most important furniture fair in China since the year 1998. The 32th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair started in Sep 7th and lasted four days, visitors of this furniture fair was less than the fair in March 2013, and many overseas furniture manufacturers and brand companies attended the 32th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair.

The scale of this furniture fair was still large as before, according to the information provided by organizer, the 32th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair attracted many famous domestic furniture exhibitors from main furniture industrial base provinces, such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shandong and Beijing. More and more furniture companies out of China (Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines) were also showing their products in Guangzhou International Furniture Fair, aiming at China furniture market and more international furniture buyers. There are 13 pavilions in this furniture fair, they are divided into 4 display areas: modern home furniture, classical home furniture, patio furniture and decoration & fabric, covering more than 200,000 square meters.
The 32th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair attracted about 3,600 exhibitors, you can find most China famous furniture brand companies in the fair, they showed some characteristic new furniture products there, such as functional sofa “Fur Old Chair”, small apartment furniture sets… This new creative furniture products are made by new technology, having great potential in furniture market.
Generally speaking, the visitors of furniture fair in Sep is less than the fair in March, many furniture wholesalers and retailers have already made their business plan for the whole year in January, the needs of new products and suppliers are not strong in Sep, they prefer to spend most of time and energy in the sales of Nov and Dec, especially Christmas Day. This is key to the sales of whole year. For China domestic furniture market, there is a rule called “Gold September, Silver October” because of long holiday in Moon Festivals and National Day, so this furniture companies are busy with the big furniture business chance, not caring too much about the furniture fair in Sep.
Another reason for the loss of visitors in Guangzhou is the rise of Longjiang Furniture Fair and Dongguan Furniture Fair, both the two fair are held at the same time as Guangzhou Fair every year, now the Longjiang and Dongguan fair has improved the service & quality a lot in recent years, to be honestly, Guangzhou fair has not make much progress in this years, so some visitors choose go to there directly, not Guangzhou fair… Shanghai International Furniture Fair is another factor, it is also held in Sep, and it is now the best furniture show in China. We will talk about 2013 Shanghai Furniture Show in next article.
Why the exhibitor choose to attend the fair in September even they know there would be less traffic than the furniture fair in March? They had no choice but to attend, or it would be hard to get a place in March fair next year… the organizer would give places to those who attend last fair at first consideration.

The 32th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair

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