UK furniture retailer Dwell is back in business with 50% discount clearance

UK furniture retailer Dwell is back in business

On June 20, UK furniture retailor Dwell went into administration, it happened suddenly, many customers and suppliers of Dwell didn’t know how to get their money back, more than 300 employees are waiting for the update. Now the joint administrators of the home ware and furniture retailer Dwell have announced the successful sale of the business and assets of the company.

The co-founder of furniture retailer Dwell has agreed a deal to rescue some of its stores and save 150 jobs. Aamir Ahmad founded Dwell with family and friends ten years ago but left the business last Nov. He has promised to try to help customers who have outstanding orders. Five stores will reopen on Thursday and the online store will also open for business again. Mr.Ahmad has struck a deal to buy a collection of Dwell stores, which will save around 150 jobs. Now the online store are also opening for business again, you can see a striking “50% off clearance furniture” on the home page of

Talks with landlords are continuing in the hope that more stores can be saved.

“Our priority lies with the customers and suppliers who have been let down by the former management,” said Mr Ahmad.

“We are working hard to try and resolve the issues, in particular outstanding customer orders.”

“Although we are not legally obliged to, we are doing everything we can to find a solution for customers who have lost out. Our primary goal is to help customers and suppliers regain their trust in the Dwell brand.”

This is really good news for both customers and employees of Dwell, but Mr.Ahmad did not mention suppliers, some suppliers did not know the big furniture company were in great trouble when the Dwell administrator were looking for buyers in this months. Small furniture suppliers may lose out. Obviously Dwell had been importing furniture from China for many years, because the price of Dwell furniture online store is really competitive, we do not know any other furniture suppliers of Dwell in China, but it is not hard to conclude that some  furniture manufacturers are in trouble, they are waiting for the balance from Dwell, or they are waiting for shipping & loading instructions from Dwell, all the goods has been in warehouse for months, this furniture factories need money to pay their suppliers and workers too.

There are always risks in international business, but furniture exporting companies can do something to reduce the risks. Actually, there were some customers left complains on Facebook of Dwell several months ago. The furniture suppliers should consider it as a sign of trouble if their sales find it on Facebook, a big furniture retailor should not have serious problems in delivery like this. So, furniture manufacturers pay close attention to the update of big customers sometimes can save your business.

We do not know what will happen tomorrow, but we hope everything goes well in Dwell.

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